How it all began...

Mr. R.W. & Eileen King
October 1, 1943

The Original R.W. King Roofing Company Building
October 19, 1945


The original King home in Erie, Pennsylvania pictured with Mrs. Jaclyn Braddy (Mr. Nelson Braddy’s Wife) and Lance Van Winkle.
January 1, 1950

Mrs. Kelly Braddy Van Winkle and her husband Lance Van Winkle (holding Duke and Baylor) on their wedding day.July 2, 2011



Due to tremendous growth, King of Texas created the
Metal Roofing DivisionMay 1, 2016



King of Texas purchases new Sheet Metal Fabrication facility
April 1, 2018




Kelly Braddy Van Winkle appointed as the company’s new CEO.December 7, 2019