Safety First

At King of Texas Roofing, our Safety Best Practices include compliance of OSHA laws and regulations, safety awareness and training for every worker, effective communication, maintaining reporting to monitor job related injuries and illnesses, prevention of workplace injuries and illnesses, providing proper PPE and supervision, implementing new health programs, and encouraging upward career development and ProCertification.

We are actively following the developments of the Novel Coronavirus outbreak globally and in the U.S. As we navigate through the unprecedented effects of COVID-19, we are mindful of the social and economic impacts our responses in this situation may have on employees, contract workers, suppliers, customers and communities.

Keeping aligned with our core values, safety and wellness are our highest priorities, and it is our hope that you and your families remain safe. King of Texas Roofing Company, LP is committed to continuing implementation of appropriate steps to mitigate exposure to COVID-19. King of Texas is completing mandatory wellness checks for each employee, field worker, and visitor before they enter the office, building or job site. Other precautions include practicing social distancing, hand sanitizer usage and frequent hand washing. Furthermore, we have also established enhanced protocols for sanitation of tools and company vehicles.

Please be assured we will continue to follow relevant local and federal guidelines in our offices, on our projects, and work collaboratively with employees, contractors, field workers, clients and partners, in each area to manage this unprecedented situation.

Be Safe,

King of Texas Roofing Company, LP

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