Amazon Pflugerville a/k/a “Project Charm” located in Pflugerville, Texas marks the sixth Amazon sort facility that King of Texas has completed.  This 5 story facility is the latest prototype design for Amazon, measuring some 823,000 square feet in size and extending over 90’ in height. The roof system is a Firestone mechanically attached .060” TPO (WHITE) roof with r-30 insulation and a 20 year “No Dollar Limit” warranty.  All told, there were over 10,000 lineal feet of wall flashings, 6,000 lineal feet of curb flashings, 8,500 lineal feet of prefinished coping cap, and some 24,200 lineal feet of lightning protection installed on the roof; however, the most impressive number was the fact that even after logging over 15,000 manhours, there was not a single recordable incident lost due to injury or the Covid 19 pandemic.  This reflects solely on the dedication, knowledge and professionalism of the KOT workforce lead by Darryl Feist (Superintendent), Gabriel Medina (Foreman), Refugio Alvarez (Safety Director) and the rest of the hardworking men at King of Texas.