Our Story

Our Story

King of Texas Roofing Company’s roots started in Pennsylvania in the 1970’s, when Nelson Braddy Jr., went to work for his father-in-law, Mr. R.W. King. His company, R.W. King, Inc., was a roofing contracting business based in Erie, Pennsylvania. Following in Mr. King’s footsteps, Mr. Nelson Braddy recognized opportunities of the expanding southern market, where Single-Ply roofing was just beginning to take hold. Mr. Braddy founded the King of Texas Roofing Company in 1982. The family-owned business today is run by his daughter, Kelly Braddy Van Winkle, appointed CEO in 2019. Since the firm’s inception, its focus has been building long-term relationships with clients, general contractors, building owners, and property management companies in the Southwest Region, expanding nationwide.

King of Texas has earned a reputation as a premier roofing company in Texas, specializing in both new construction and reroofing projects. Because our management has over 165 years of collective commercial roofing experience, King of Texas is distinctive in the industry, and is highly recognized by peers and manufacturers. Our performance goals are to take care of you, the customer, personify our core values, and impact current and future generations.

We offer the highest quality products from topflight manufacturers including Firestone, Johns Manville, Carlisle SynTec and Petersen. We believe in contributing significantly to industry and the marketplace through advocacy, education, training and collaboration.

Our dedication to integrity, workmanship and doing the right thing under any circumstances, is our call to action.


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